Campaign Summaries

This is a list of campaigns in progress. A campaign is an adventure that lasts for more then one session. GMs starting campaigns should add theirs to this list. Please follow this format:
Relevant Logs:
Plot Summary:

GM(s): Heiden
Relevant Logs: Trivia Night
Plot Summary: SCP-263 has escaped containment into a local bar and seems to be taunting the Foundation, and Dr. Magnus believes his lost daughter is involved.
Players: Bright, Snorlison, Magnus, possibly more

GM(s): Bright
Relevant Logs: Security Breach: SCP-590
Plot Summary: SCP-590 has been kidnapped by an alternate version of Dr. Bright, thought dead. It has been revealed that 590 is Dr. Brights brother. It has also been revealed to a small group (Iceberg, Heiden, Dimitri, Break and Gerald) that 590s incarceration and treatment are his idea, and that he and Bright had breakout plans in case anything went wrong… which the fake Bright employed.
Bright2 has also referred to another Foundation, one formed after this Foundation fell under the control of the SCPs, and the 'real' Foundation is devoted to saving people, not using them.
Gerald brought himself to the attention of the O5s, seeking information on Bright. One in particular, O5-6, has focused his attention on Gerald.
It has been brought to peoples attention that Dr. Brights special brew 'Mostly Apples,' a cider brewed inside a still affected by the Architect,has the ability to cause people to dream the future.
An outbreak of 008 led to three researchers finding 590 and the fake Dr. Bright working together for their Foundation, trying to stop the outbreak. Things however, felt off.
Players: Heiden, Iceberg, Strelnikov, Break, Gerald

GM(s): Pending
Relevant Logs: None
Plot Summary: SCP-184 has gotten lost in an attack by a outside group. It appears to have been found by someone, and taken to their home in a small apartment complex. By the time it is found, it's drastically changed the structure. MTF Zeta-9 is dispatched, along with some support staff, to go and recover it.
Players: Gerald, Base, Snorlison, possibly more

GM(s): Dr. Gears
Relevant Logs: Pending
Plot Summary: Exploration has been ordered for SCP-455. A group of Agents and scientists are being sent, in the hope that they will be able to at least find the cause of 455 and it's strange properties.
-current status- Exiting the "oil platform" observation area, to be dropped off on 455.
Players: Waxx, Rights, Bright, ClockworkMage, Mackenzie, Machina, Kondraki, Lurker, Snorlison, probably a few others i'm forgetting.

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