Break I

*Break knocks.

*Bright is seated behind his desk, scribbling notes. "Come in Break."

*Break sets the pot of coffee down on his desk and takes a seat.

*Bright doesn't look up. "Something bothering you?"

Bright> "Oh wait… I haven't done yours yet, have I?"

Break> "Besides having to deal with electronic bees?"

Break> "…"

Break> "Nah."

Break> "No, you haven't."

Bright> "All right Karen, let's start with the easy stuff then." Finally looking up. "How long have you been with the Foundation now?"

*Break counts off the months in her head. "Six, seven months?"

Bright> "Mostly under me, hmm. How are you enjoying working under Kondraki?"

*Break grumbles. "I haven't been shot yet. Take that as you will."

*Bright arches an eyebrow. "Yes, but that is likely because you have tits."

Break> "Good to know that all I need to do is flash him in order to get him to back off."

Bright> "He likes women. Tell me, how do you feel about Lurker?"

Break> "He's….alright."

Break> "A bit too much like a pet for my tastes, but eh."

Break> "Why do you ask?"

Bright> "And Dmitri? This is part of the interview dear."

Break> "Dmitri, well…"

Break> "He's certainly a nice guy."

Break> "Always doing me favors."

Bright> "Have you talked with anyone about the interviews?"

Break> "Uh….not really."

Break> "I asked Iceberg if there was a set order for these interviews up, but that's it."

Break> "There wasn't much to talk -about-. I didn't know much about them."

Bright> "Have you heard any rumors about a traitor in the Foundation?"

Break> "….no?"

Break> "If there were one, they're doing a damn good job of keeping their work a secret."

Bright> "There is one. Someone is leaking Foundation secrets." He checks his notes. "Have you noticed a recent increase in security breaches?"

Break> "….well, let's see."

Break> "There was the poltergeist in the storage area three floors below the breakroom."

Break> "There was the 914 bee-cell phone product just now."

Break> "There was that small bear thing."

Break> "Seemed par for the course, though I don't exactly know how often breaches occur due to being behind a desk for six months."

Bright> "And all the people breaking in…" Bright sighs. "If you could fire anyone, besides Iceberg, who would it be?"

Break> "Yoric. He annoys the everloving hell out of me. I don't think he's even supposed to be here."

Break> "Or Dumount. Same reason."

*Bright tosses Break a box with a button on it. "Feel free to do in Dumount now."

Break> "Buh?"

*Bright steeples his fingers, watching Break.

Break> "What the hell is this?"

Bright> "Dumount’s detonator."

Break> "I thought you said 'fire', not 'kill.'"

Break> "Besides, I don't know where he is. If he's got a bomb in him, he might be someplace where detonating it might be a bad idea."

Bright> "Dumount has proven himself too much of a risk to be let go."

Break> "Don't want to be the cause of another breach."

*Bright checks his computer. "He is in his own living space."

*Break sighs.

Break> "….if you say so."

*Break slaps the button.

The button doesn't move. "Thank you Karen. Now, tell me about a time when you went out oo your way to provide good service to a superior."

Break> "…."

*Break breathes out. This was a hell of a change.

Break> "Just now."

Break> "Brought you coffee, didn't I?"

*Break smiles nervously.

*Bright ticks something off on his list. "Have you ever had to work with someone you couldn't stand? How did you facilitate a non-hostile workplace environment with this individual?"

*Break keeps thinking. It's difficult to come up with a situation in which she hasn't shot someone who mouthed off at her.

*Break is clearly having difficulty with this latest question.

Break> "Well, yeah."

Break> "Of course I've had to work with someone I didn't like."

Break> "Iceberg used to make me help him fill out damage reports all the time. Not fun."

Bright> "And?"

*Break is trying to remember a time in which she -hadn't- shot him.

Break> "….okay, so those times never ended well."

Bright> Another tick. "Have you ever broken someone’s trust for the better good? Please explain."

*Break pauses for a moment.

Break> "Not here, no."

Bright> "Didn't specify here."

Break> "On my old job, though, yeah."

Break> "I was a police officer back when I was still living in London."

*Bright listens attentively.

Break> "We had to tell lies to criminals all the time to get them to come out peacefully, you know?"

*Break exhales. "One man in particular comes to mind."

Bright> "Go on."

Break> "Guy in his mid forties. Father to a twelve-year-old girl with a weak heart who was on the list for a transplant. She didn't have long to live."

Break> "He held up the ambulance that was supposed to deliver the heart to the next person on the waitlist."

Break> "Then held up the surgery wing."

*Bright thinks this sounds like a movie he saw once.

Break> "He wanted the doctors there to perform surgery on his daughter right away."

*Break sighs. "I was the one ordered to keep him calm."

Break> "Told him that I had a son. That I'd probably do the same thing if I were in his situation."

Break> "Someone else in my squad talked with the surgeons, and that they 'agreed' to perform the surgery if they could just have the heart right away."

Break> "All that was bullshit, of course."

Break> "But it seemed to work. He was caught off guard long enough for the SWAT team to break through the window behind him and get to the heart without any casualties."

Break> "The floor was secure after that, the guy was arrested, and he was out of my hair afterward. I don't know what happened to him after that."

*Bright nods. "And, finally, do you have any questions for me?"

Break> "Just one."

*Bright waits.

Break> "Did my requests for promotion ever get through to you while I was still working the desk job?"

Bright> "Of course they did. You were not promoted due to your inexperience with dealing with Foundation issues. It was thought that by keeping you as my secretary, you would be exposed to the oddities that pop up, and thus be more capable of performing your job when promoted."

*Break sighs. "Makes sense, I guess."

Bright> "Will that be all?"

Break> "Yeah. Enjoy the coffee."

Break> "When am I going to get the results of this interview?"

Bright> "When I correlate all of them. Please send Imants in."

Break> "Sure thing."

*Break gives a half-hearted wave and takes her leave from the office.

*Bright nods his head, and pours himself a cup of coffee

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