Name: █████ "Break" ███████
Position: Secretary/Security at Site 19 Field Agent and Lieutenant, second-in-command of Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5 "Red Dawn"


Lethal Weapon: 5
Actually Doing Secretary-Like Work For A Damn Change: 2
Coffee-Making: 4
Wiles, Smarts, Cunning, And Generally Being A Wiseass: 5


  • None, thank god.



  • Two modified Beretta M9s — +1 to Lethal Weapon
  • Butterfly knife — +1 to Lethal Weapon in close combat


  • Business suit — style provides +1 to Wiles, Smarts, Cunning, And Generally Being A Wiseass
  • Field agent uniform — +1 to Wiles, Smarts, Cunning, And Generally Being A Wiseass


  • Finger Snapper: Break grants 1 bonus die to the team leader if she is part of a team, due to her impatience driving others to action.


  • Still Bright's Bitch: Even promotion doesn't completely save her from her job contract with Bright from her secretary days, due to its cleverly-written loopholes. She is thus still bound by the contract and its ever-changing goodness, if to a lesser degree than before.
  • Drunken Subtlety: -1 dice penalty to Wiles if drinking more than usual, which increases as more alcohol is imbibed.
  • Above Your Clearance: Has terrible clearance, and is thus out of the loop as far as information on many SCPs goes. With her new position as an Agent, this hook isn't as effective as it was, and may eventually disappear.
  • Agent Rookie: to be determined.
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