Avery Cates

Name:Avery Andrew Cates
Position:Junior Researcher


If it doesn't work, Kick it: 4 (+1)
Dirty Tricks: 5 (+1)



  • Cane Gun— +1 to Dirty Tricks


  • PDA— +1 to If it doesn't work, Kick it


  • Ragdoll Physics: On the first failed defense roll in the encounter, Cates can roll a 1d2. On a 2, he ignores the damage, but is tossed about in a dramatic fashion. If a 1 is rolled, the perk can be applied to the next roll, until a 2 is rolled.


  • Bum Leg: -1 die to any action requiring quick full body movement due to a cripple leg.
  • Anti-Casanova: -1 Die in Smooth Talker in a non-aggressive situation when addressing a female.
  • I've fallen and I can't get up: When deprived of his cane (or other walking apparatus) is Stressed and becomes Stunned when the victim of a successful physical assault.


Avery Cates was born an Irish citizen but moved to the USA less than a year after birth. He led an average life, becoming deeply interested in the paranormal and computer hardware since an accident at age 15 left him with a crippled leg and thus unable to partake in much physical activity and resenting those that could. His stand-offish attitude led to him finding underhanded ways to sabotage those who made enemies of him. This and his silver tongue played no small part in his near alarming rise in rank through his civilian employment at [Data Redacted].

Baring his off color practices he is also extremely talented when it comes to finding flaws in code and machinery, working closely with AI development. It is this skill that brought him to the attention of the Foundation. He was first contacted with an employment opportunity following soon after a failed blackmail attempt on his company's CEO, the results of which left him near destitute. Having no money and having alienated most everyone he came into contact with, he quickly took the job as an opportunity to salvage his life. He is now an employee of the Foundation specializing in computer related and mechanical SPCs.

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