*DrAuteu is already sitting in a chair, previously unnoticed.

*Bright glances up. "Auteu."

DrAuteu> "Hello."

Bright> "Here for your interview?"

DrAuteu> "I assume, unless you're busy."

DrAuteu> "I've been meaning to ask about that anyway, what ordering system do you use for these?"

Bright> "Not at all. For which?"

DrAuteu> "I’m used to being first for this stuff."

DrAuteu> "Alphabetical and all."

Bright> "Ah. In my case, I use a 'whoever chooses to come in' system."

DrAuteu> "Oh well, shall we continue then?"

Bright> "How long have you been with the foundation?"

DrAuteu> "Well, it's hard to say… what year is it again?"

Bright> 2009."

DrAuteu> "Oh… wow, um… carry the three… five years now."

Bright> "And what is it you do for us?"

DrAuteu> "I mostly deal with the really creepy stuff."

Bright> "Explain."

DrAuteu> "Well, I don't really know if I pulled the short straw or what, but I seem to mostly get put with the stuff what make you go nuts for no reason."

Bright> "Hmm. Which SCPs are you currently assigned to?"

DrAuteu> "Well they mostly have me on SCP… wait… it's on the tip of my tongue."

DrAuteu> "What one was that again…"

DrAuteu> "It's going to drive me crazy all day."

*DrAuteu twitches slightly.

*Bright sighs. "Uh-huh. Tell me, if you had to fire one researcher, who would it be?"

DrAuteu> "Well define fire… there are a few I'd like to put out of a cannon."

Bright> "Terminate their employment."

DrAuteu> "Oh… well, they all seem to be an ok bunch."

Bright> "Humph." Bright arches an eyebrow. "How many people have you killed?"

DrAuteu> "Dumount seems to be a tad overzealous though."

DrAuteu> "Killed? Well a definite number is impossible, how many degrees of relation are we taking into account in my involvement?"

Bright> "Direct."

DrAuteu> "Oh, well then."

*DrAuteu count on his fingers.

DrAuteu> "There's no real way to be sure, but I try not to take lives when it's unnecessary."

DrAuteu> "Although, I think I may have killed you a few times, how does that count?"

*Bright ticks something off on his pad. "Tell me about a time when performed exemplarily at your job."

DrAuteu> "well, there was once, about a year ago, when I had managed to pull a child out of the way of SCP-¨€¨€¨€"

DrAuteu> "He was totally insane from the exposure.”

DrAuteu> "And he had to be terminated…"

DrAuteu> "But I saved him from the SCP"

Bright> "What are your plans for the future?"

DrAuteu> "Plans…future…?"

DrAuteu> "You know as well as I that there is no such thing for the rest of us here."

*DrAuteu gets rather serious suddenly.

Bright> "Do you wish to move up in the Foundation?"

DrAuteu> "Heh, stop, pretending, there is no up."

DrAuteu> "There is only movement."

Bright> "Then you have no problem with your demotion?"

*DrAuteu is suddenly jovial again.

DrAuteu> "…"

DrAuteu> "Did I do something?"

Bright> "Nope. Did you have any questions for me?"

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