Aura Fawns Over A Pufferkittem

[19:12] <Aura> "I love cats. They're very independent and each one is unique to themselves. What kind of cats?" She asks.
[19:13] <Iceberg> "Uh….. cats. I'm not sure. Like, uh, smooth."
[19:14] * Agent_Tam strolls back into the break room with a grin on his face, and tosses something at Aura.
[19:14] <Agent_Tam> <It's fluffy, and in a ball shape.>
[19:14] <Agent_Tam> "I heard cats. What the hell is up?"
[19:14] <Aura> "Smooth?" She looks a little puzzled and then catches what was thrown at her. "Umm.."
[19:15] <Agent_Tam> <The ball of fluff moves in Aura's hands and looks up at her with beady eyes, then mews.> "That's Poofles. Say hi, Poofles!" <The kitten mews again.>
[19:15] * Aura examines the fluffy ball thing
[19:15] <Aura> "Is…Is this a pufferkitten?"
[19:15] * Iceberg pets the kitten.
[19:15] <Agent_Tam> "Indeed it is. /My/ pufferkitten."
[19:15] * Agent_Tam beams. "His name is Poofles, and he's the best hat ever."
[19:16] <Aura> "He's adorable!" She squees, her attention now completely on the kitten
[19:16] * Agent_Tam chuckles. "Hey now. Don't get too attached." He says, grabbing a cup of coffee.
[19:17] * Aura coos over Poofles. "Aren't you a cutie? Yes you are, yesh you are~"
[19:17] * Agent_Tam chuckles and looks over to Iceberg, placing his feet on the coffee table. The boots are surprisingly clean. "So, how's it goin', Doctor?"
[19:18] * Iceberg keeps petting the kitten, and turns to Tam. "Oh, I'm doing fine."
[19:19] * Agent_Tam grins, and Poofles starts to deflate, snuggling up to Aura happily and purring. "Cool… I still need my performance evaluation."
[19:20] * Aura pets Poofles, letting it snuggle up against her, still talking to it in baby-talk.
[19:20] <Iceberg> "Oh? I'm sure Bright will get to you eventually. He does have plenty of time, not dying anytime soon….."
[19:23] * Aura tickles Poofles under the chin
[19:24] <Agent_Tam> <Poofles mewls softly and falls over on Aura's lap.>
[19:24] * Agent_Tam chuckles. "He's such a suck up for pets and scratches…"
[19:25] <Aura> "I /want/ one. How did you get him, Tam?" She strokes the pufferkitten's back gently, letting him explore.
[19:25] * Agent_Tam chuckles. "If I recall correctly, Doctor Rights gave him to me when I was feeling particularly down… Try being really depressed and I'm sure you'll get one."
[19:26] <Iceberg> "Or you could ask……"
[19:27] <Aura> "I could do. Though what class are the pufferkittens? Safe?" She asks, watching the kitten intently.
[19:28] <Agent_Tam> "Euclid."
[19:28] <Aura> "Really? Why's that?" She asks, not even looking up and giggling at the adorable kitten.
[19:29] * Agent_Strelnikov walks in and makes a cup of coffee.
[19:29] * Agent_Strelnikov looks over at the pufferkitten commotion.
[19:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "….TAM."
[19:29] * Agent_Tam sits up. "Yes Captain?"
[19:29] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Where did you gets that cat."
[19:30] <Agent_Tam> "Doctor Rights, cap'n. It was a while ago, as a present."
[19:30] * Aura coos over Poofles, scritching him gently behind the ears
[19:30] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Gets me one too."
[19:31] * Agent_Tam blinks. "Erm… Captain… I didn't exactly ask for it… I was, well, feeling down, and Doctor Rights gave me it to cheer me up."
[19:31] * Agent_Strelnikov points at Tam. "Gets me one anyway."
[19:31] <Aura> "Either I get my own or I'm taking Poofles home with me." She tells Tam
[19:31] <Agent_Strelnikov> "You are, eh, creative. I am sures you find a way."
[19:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Get The Hated Yoric to let you into the containment room somehow, yes?"
[19:32] * Agent_Tam blinks. "Well… I can talk to… Doctor Locke discovered them, yeah?"
[19:32] <Agent_Tam> "I'm sure I could… accquire some in a short period of time."
[19:32] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Proper term, Tam, is 'requisition'."
[19:32] <Agent_Tam> "That'll work too."
[19:32] * Agent_Strelnikov finds it terribly ironic that he's correcting someone's choice of word.
[19:33] * Aura actually tears her eyes away from the kitten briefly to look surprised and impressed
[19:33] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Can also be call 'battlefield scavenge' but this is not battlefield."
[19:33] <Iceberg> "huh."
[19:34] <Iceberg> "Just ask Rights or Locke. Preferably Rights. Really nicely."
[19:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Not when Lurker is wets his beak, though."
[19:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She will be distract then."
[19:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…On second thought."
[19:34] <Agent_Strelnikov> "She is more apt for say 'yes' during these time, I am sure."
[19:34] * Agent_Tam grins. "Oh, I'm sure I could let Aura and Dmitri PICK the kittens, if I asked Locke."
[19:35] <Aura> "Aren't you the cutest little thing? And I treat so many animals and kitten and I've never seen a sweeter face. No, I haven't." She continues babbling to Poofles
[19:35] * Agent_Tam looks over at Dmitri and laughs. "Good, then if I ever need Lieutenant Break to give me permission for something, I'll just ask while you're staying over, yeah?" He asks with a grin.
[19:36] <Iceberg> "Cough."
[19:36] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…"
[19:36] * Agent_Strelnikov blinks.
[19:36] * Agent_Tam pretends to knock on a door. "Lieutenant Break, Captain Strelnikov, I want to take the BMP-2 out for a spin…"
[19:36] <Agent_Tam> "What's that? Yes? Yes?"
[19:36] * Agent_Strelnikov stares at Tam.
[19:37] <Agent_Tam> "Well if you say it's alright…"
[19:37] <Iceberg> "High-five Tam."
[19:37] * Agent_Tam grins at Dmitri.
[19:37] * Agent_Strelnikov continues to stare.
[19:37] * Aura laughs a little. "You guys are cruel." She grins
[19:37] <Dr_Gears> *a sudden pinging noise comes from Strenikov's phone*
[19:37] * Agent_Tam blinks and stops grinning. "Please don't shoot me."
[19:37] * Agent_Strelnikov sighs in relief and flips his phone open.
[19:37] <Agent_Strelnikov> "…Is from Doktor Gears."
[19:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Tam, for that one, I make sure I am have you greasing BMP treads for a week."
[19:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Get your suit dirty a bit."
[19:38] * Agent_Tam looks over to Aura. "I'd offer to let you keep him for the night… but I can't, really. It'd be a containment breach."
[19:38] <Dr_Gears> <New Message: Please report to the testing area for SCP-172 interaction.>
[19:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Oooh. I was wonder when this was happen."
[19:38] * Aura pouts. "Awww."
[19:38] * Agent_Strelnikov tosses his coffee cup into the bin and heads out.
[19:38] * Agent_Tam chuckles at Strelnikov. "Don't worry, I'm sure I know how to grease treads."
[19:38] <Agent_Strelnikov> He mutters something about greasing treads with Chechens as he walks down the hall.
[19:39] <Aura> "Bye Strel!"
[19:39] <Agent_Strelnikov> "Bye!" He shouts.
[19:39] * Agent_Tam chuckles. "Well, /I/ thought it was funny." He says, sticking his hands into his pockets.
[19:39] <Iceberg> "Bye! Don't worry Tam. You won't need to grease the treads on this BMP anywyas."
[19:40] * Agent_Tam blinks. "What do you mean?"
[19:40] <Iceberg> "Trust me. I only make the best."
[19:40] * Aura smirks at Tam. "It was funny."
[19:40] * Aura returns her attention to Poofles
[19:40] * Agent_Tam grins. "I do try." He muses. "Say… how about I take you two out for a drink some time?"
[19:41] <Agent_Tam> "On me… well, on Yoric, actually…"
[19:41] <Aura> "Oh?"
[19:41] <Agent_Tam> "But I'm pretending to pay, so that counts, right?"
[19:41] <Iceberg> "No thanks. I can take her out for a drink myself…."
[19:41] <Agent_Tam> "Well I didn't say both of you at the same time… I said you two."
[19:42] <Iceberg> "…."
[19:42] <Iceberg> "No thanks Tam."
[19:42] * Iceberg pets the kitten again.
[19:42] <Aura> "I've no objection to being bought drinks."
[19:43] * Agent_Tam scoffs. "Well fine." He looks to Aura. "Great. Well, I'm good just about any time. I don't do much besides wait for missions to come along where they want me to put my life in danger."
[19:43] * Agent_Tam smiles, then pauses and crosses his arms.
[19:43] <Agent_Tam> "If you promise to ensure that NO ONE finds out about it… you can keep Poofles for the night."
[19:43] <Agent_Tam> "That'll give me time to talk to Doctor Locke about getting you and Dmitri each one of your own."
[19:44] <Aura> "Was that incentive to go out for a drink with you, Agent Tam?" She asks, raising an eyebrow
[19:44] <Agent_Tam> "Not at all. I'm just saying, that if you really think he's that adorable- and he is- you can hold on to him."
[19:44] <Agent_Tam> "But if anyone finds out, I'm going to catch a lot of shit. So… please try to be careful with him?"
[19:45] <Aura> "I don't think taking him away from his owner and regular home is a good idea." She admits, shaking her head. "Especially at such a young age where he's getting settled."
[19:45] <Iceberg> "Yeah…. be careful, they don't like when things get out…."
[19:46] <Agent_Tam> "As long as you feed him at least one Kit-Kat bar and a saucer of milk, he'll be fine."
[19:47] <Aura> "Kit-Kat bar?"
[19:47] <Iceberg> "….."
[19:47] <Agent_Tam> "He loves them."
[19:47] <Iceberg> "You feed it chocolate?"
[19:47] <Aura> "You're feeding him chocolate?!"
[19:47] <Agent_Tam> "I didn't intend to, until I realized he was sneaking into my coat and eating them."
[19:47] * Agent_Tam scowls. "I was saving them for someone."
[19:48] * Aura frowns. "That's not a good diet for him at all."
[19:48] <Agent_Tam> "He's a smart little bugger, he can unwrap them like a human."
[19:49] <Agent_Tam> "Oh, and don't worry, I feed him actual cat food, too."
[19:49] <Aura> "I suggest you keep them away from him. There are chocolate drops designed for cats that have nutrients in them if he's still after chocolate."
[19:50] * Agent_Tam shrugs. "Might look into those… Although he doesn't like any other chocolate bars… just the kit kats."
[19:52] <Aura> "Odd…but I guess I shouldn't be surprised." She laughs a little, petting the kitten and cooing at him. "You're a naughty boy for stealing Agent Tam's chocolate. That's not for kitties, no it's not."
[19:52] <Agent_Tam> <Poofles looks up with giant blue eyes and mewls sadly at Aura.>
[19:52] <Agent_Tam> "Hey now, cut that out. You heard the nice lady."
[19:54] <Aura> "We can get you chocolate especially for kitties. I'm sure I have some somewhere with the amount of cats I deal with." She grins at him, tickling him under the chin.
[19:55] <Agent_Tam> « Poofles falls back over, purring again. » "Heh… Silly kitten."
[19:56] <Iceberg> "Yeah, a silly kitty kitty….."
[19:56] <Aura> "He's a dote." She smiles cheerfully
[19:57] * Agent_Tam reaches over at ruffles Poofles' headfur. The kitten rolls around a bit, then tries to nom on Aura's finger.
[19:58] * Aura lets him nibble on her fingers and tickles his exposed tummy
[19:59] <Agent_Tam> « Poofles starts getting playful and tries to focus on nomming on Aura's finger while batting at her other hand, but failing miserably until he simply just rolls around for a bit. »
[20:01] * Aura laughs. "I should really be going. I've some things to do before calling it a day." She pouts, not wanting to stop playing with the kitten but knowing she has to.
[20:01] <Iceberg> "Oh…."
[20:01] * Agent_Tam smiles and pats Aura's shoulder lightly. "Take him with you, but be careful with him."
[20:02] <Agent_Tam> "Try to see if he'll eat that nutrient chocolate."
[20:02] <Iceberg> "Well, if you have to go….."
[20:02] <Aura> "I really shouldn't…"
[20:02] * Iceberg pulls her closer and hugs Aura. "See you later."
[20:02] <Agent_Tam> "Doctor, he likes you. I just let him run around in my room."
[20:03] * Aura smiles and hugs Ice back, kissing his cheek. "See you late, Ice."
[20:03] * Aura sighs. "Fine, you twisted my arm." She grins
[20:03] * Agent_Tam smiles. "Do I get a hug too?"
[20:04] * Aura picks up Poofles carefully as she stands and then gives Tam a careful, one-armed hug. "I'll take good care of him til tomorrow." She promises.
[20:04] * Agent_Tam nods. "Good luck, he'll keep you up all night wanting cuddles."
[20:05] <Aura> "Hmm, sounds like something I could use." She smirks playfully at the two of them and waves as she starts to the door. "Later, guys."
[20:13] * Agent_Tam sighs softly and nods to Iceberg. "I think I'm going to go spend some quality time with someone… have a bit of fun. Cheers, mate." He says, cracking his neck and heading out of the break room.
[20:14] <Iceberg> "See ya."
[20:14] <Iceberg> "Well. Great. Breakroom to myself again."

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