*Bright is seated behind his desk, a chimp in a lab coat.

*Aura enters the office, knocking on the door politely as she does so. "Doctor Bright, I presume." She smiles cheerfully.

*Bright nods his head. "Please, have a seat." His voice comes from a small black circle at his throat.

*Aura crosses the room to take a seat, crossing her legs at the ankles once she is seated. "Thank you."

Bright> "How long have you been at the foundation now?"

Aura> "About six months, give or take."

Bright> "And what have you been doing with us?"

Aura> "I'm a veterinarian consultant for animal SCPs. I consult on their dietary needs if they eat, how their habitat may be improve without compromising containment and general health consultations not only for them but for other animals the staff bring me to look at."

Bright> "And which SCPs are you currently working with?"

Aura> "I give health check-ups to 529 and 530, though more to make sure they're on a healthy diet given their unusual anatomical structures. 582 is another."

Bright> "Ands what are your sexual fetishes?"

*Aura opens her mouth and then shuts it again with a perplexed expression. "I…I beg your pardon?"

*Bright checks his notes again. "What are your sexual fetishes?"

*Aura blinks a moment. "Well…I don't quite see why you need to know but…umm…light bondage?" She shrugs her shoulders, cheeks tinged pink.

Bright> "Good, good. Tell me, have you been aware of the increase in security breaches lately?"

Aura> "I've noticed a lot more alarms and lockdowns lately, yes."

Bright> "Why do you think this is?"

*Aura shakes her head. "I can't honestly say, sir. An electrical fault? Human error, perhaps seems more likely." She pauses a moment as something comes back to her. "Except one breach I witnessed appeared to have the doors of the containment area blown off the hinges… I assumed that was an isolated incident."

*Bright nods his head. "Who, if anyone, on staff would you fire?"

Aura> "No-one immediately comes to mind."

Bright> "Do you have any questions for me?"

Aura> "Yes. Why did you need to know my fetishes?"

*Bright shrugs. "It's on the list of questions for you. You'd have to ask an O5."

Aura> "Alright. I think that's all I wanted to ask." She smiles brightly.

*Bright nods. "You're dismissed

Aura> "Thank you." She nods politely and leaves the office

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