Agent Tam

Name: Adrian Tam
Position: Field Agent - Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5 "Red Dawn"


I Am Invincible!: 6
Paranormal Expertise: 4
That was Left-handed: 5





  • Colt M1911 .45 ACP (x2) — +1 to That was Left-handed / +2 When dual-weilding
  • AK-47 — +1 to That was Left-handed
  • M14-EBR — +2 to That was Left-handed
  • TMP — +1 to That was Left-handed


  • Kevlar Vest — +1 to I Am Invincible!
  • Avon S10 Tactical Gas Mask — Immune to toxic gases and chemicals when equipped


  • Kondraki's Disciple: Took fencing lessons from Kondraki. Roll 1 extra die when using melee weapons.


  • Everybody’s Crazy For A Sharp Dressed Man: Can only effectively stealth when in pitch darkness, or at a scene that requires formal wear. All other attempts are almost a definite fail.
  • Crack fizzle pop: Character is horrible with electronics and cannot hack any electronics at all. Any electronics that are more advanced than a simple laptop or desktop PC risk breaking if used by Agent Tam.


Adrian has worked with the Foundation for a small period of time, but had been involved with several government blackop projects before being recruited. He insists on wearing a suit at all times with plain black gloves because he says that “Your silly tactical gear and casual clothing isn’t as comfy.” He tends to not be able to shut up easily when not on a mission, but is extremely loyal and focused when he’s on the field.

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