Agent Strelnikov

Name: Captain Strelnikov, Dmitri Arkadeyevich, AKA "Red"
Position: Captain of Mobile Task Force Epsilon 5: "Red Dawn"


Combat (Pistols and rifles): 7
Alcohol Tolerance: 5
Cursing: 5



  • Makarov PM 9x18mm sidearm — +1 to Combat
  • Slightly rusty AKM assault rifle — +1 to Combat whenever in use. Otherwise stored in his bunk.
  • Bright's Prototype Cane — +3 to Combat, can TAN, STUN, or ROAST. Produces hook Damned Obvious.


  • Flask of vodka — +1 to Alcohol Tolerance


  • Trained by the Master: After attending a Fencing lesson with Dr. Kondraki, Strelnikov rolls an extra die whenever using a melee attack, in addition to bonuses given by the weapon.
  • Chemistry from a Past Life: If Break and Strelnikov are teamed together, Strelnikov contributes one extra die to the team leader.
  • Za Rodinu: If Strelnikov is the leader of a team, his team members are allowed to roll one extra die when rolling to contribute sixes to Strelnikov's roll.
  • Dance Commander: He's the only one who gives the orders here. When Strelnikov dances, anyone around him rolls a 1d6. Anything below a 3 results in joining in. Strelnikov can roll his Alcohol Tolerance skill for dancing.


  • Broken English: Strelnikov is a Russian national whose English leaves much to be desired. This hook becomes even more of a detriment when alcohol is involved.
  • It was YOU!: Dmitri has a tendency to jump to conclusions very quickly. Usually his first instincts are incorrect.
  • Worst patient in the world:: Strelnikov prefers to deal with his wounds on his own. -1d6 to any medical rolls being performed on him when wounded, unless Everett Mann is the attending medic. If this is the case, Mann rolls +1d6.
  • Damned Obvious: Only in play when carrying Bright's Prototype Cane, which in actuality is more of a damned staff. It is large and very obviously a weapon, and cannot be concealed.


Joining the Red Army in his early teens, Dmitri Arkadeyeich Strelnikov quickly rose to officer rank and served in the VDV Air Landing Forces. After serving in numerous border conflicts and both wars in Chechnya, Strelnikov can shoot well and can consume egregious amounts of alcohol. Preferably vodka. Some of his teeth have been replaced with stainless steel, making his ever-present grin disconcerting to some.

After being transferred from an undisclosed Foundation field base somewhere in Russia, Dmitri has tried to integrate himself into the Western world as best he can. After serving with distinction to recover multiple missing SCP items and personnel, he was promoted to Captain's rank and given command of a Mobile Task Force.

…He named it Red Dawn.

Captain Dmitri Arkadeyevich Strelnikov.
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