Agent Schism

Name: Jacob MacCullough, handle "Schism"
Position: Agent


Rounds and Roundhouse: 4 (+1 with M-16)
Le Parkour: 5
Rolling with the Hits: 2 (+1 with Kevlar Suit)
Inventive Mind: 3




Dodecapuppy: Certainly not an asset in the standard sense, the dodecapuppy seems like the mythological cerberus… but with not three, but TWELVE heads. More often than not, it falls over, it has a ridiculous amount of drool, and for all that it has one stomach, it consumes far more than its share of food. Adorable as it is, Schism is loathe to take it along with him on missions, and it seems content in those cases to wait for its master to return.

M-16 rifle, +1 to Rounds and Roundhouse
Beretta 92FS pistol, +0 to Rounds and Roundhouse
KA-Bar Knife, +0 to Rounds and Roundhouse

Kevlar suit, +1 to Rolling with the Hits


Social Butterfly… or not: Schism is easily distracted and enticed by a chance to make his way further up in the world… this drops Inventive Mind to 1, as well.
The Savage Beast: Regardless of whether it's good, bad, or just plain ridiculous, complex music which Schism can hear drops Rounds and Roundhouse to 1.
"I Just Go Flat": Flat terrain, domain, et al. just completely saps Schism's initiative, at least as long as there aren't boundaries to hide behind - dropping Le Parkour to 1.
Mercurial Tendencies: Now and then, Schism tends to switch between 'shy and meek' and 'gruff and aggressive', or any combination of the two, seemingly at random. All too often he doesn't even have a clue why he does it or what he's doing, not that he usually cares - and sometimes he throws caution totally to the wind.


To be explained soon.

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