Agent Sagaipova

Name: Milana Sagaipova
Position: Field Agent / Close Quarters Battle Instructor


Eternal Vigilance: 2
Close Quarters Combat: 6
Not Just a Pretty Face, But It Helps: 4



  • Combat Knife — +1 to Close Quarters Combat

Equipment: (Same goes here)

  • Corrective Contacts — +1 to Eternal Vigilance

Perks (Perks are earned)


  • CHECHENSSSS: -2 die penalty to any direct, non-combative interactions with Captain Dmitri Strelnikov. Whenever teamed with or interacting in cooperation with Captain Dmitri Strelnikov or MTF E-5 "Red Dawn", take a -1 die penalty.
  • Close and Personal: -1 die penalty when using Close Quarters Combat to engage opponents at distances further than 75 meters.
  • Act Without Passion, and Without Hate: If afflicted with the Depression, Fabulous, Aroused, or Stressed statuses in combat, take -1 die to all combat attempts in addition to the status' regular effects. If afflicted with Rage, no combat die bonus is conferred.


Ms. Sagaipova was born in Kargalinskaya, Chechnya, in the early 1980s. Conflict was part and parcel of her daily life: as the daughter of a Cossack and ethnic Chechnyan, neither side in the brewing conflict fully trusted her or her family. Because of this, in her late teens, Milana was shipped off to Spain to finish her schooling by her concerned parents- and for good cause. Three years later, the family estate was razed to the ground and both her parents killed by an unidentified party. Russian troops and insurgents were active in the area, and both sides in the conflict had a bone to pick with the family. Regardless, her family's assets were seized shortly after her parents' death, leaving Milana with no ability to finish her schooling. With few options left open to her, unable to go back home, and unwilling to work low-wage jobs for the next decade, Milana seized on the closest thing she had to an opportunity: The French Foreign Legion. 4 years service saw her meteoric rise through the ranks, and her distinguished service and valor in combat caught the eye of the Foundation. Her recruitment was a matter of reviewing her records and then arranging for her disappearance, a disappearance she was more than happy to accomodate. Ms. Sagaipova's service as a quintessentially professional soldier, watchman, and sometime impromptu diplomat has been impeccable. Upon filing a request to be tested for MTF O-9, "Hot Zone Dancers", Milana was transferred to Site 17- a response she has been unable to determine if it was a cruel joke or outright demotion.

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