Agent Rosham

Name: Kate Rosham

Position: Field Agent


Mortal Kombat: 6 - anything involving martial arts combat or reflex defense
Rosham's Edge: 4 - use of surroundings for stealth or combat
Watch and Learn: 2 - Learning new movements or melee combat techniques





  • Lead-Weighted Gloves— +1 to Mortal Kombat


  • Sneakers with Grip — +1 to Rosham's Edge



  • Anything You Can Do…: Kate cannot back down from any challenge issued to her. -1 to all rolls regarding dissuading her from taking the challenge.
  • Fist to a Gun-Fight: Kate will attempt to disarm anyone using a gun in a threatening manner, no matter the situation. 1d2 rolled if needed to resist urge to disarm.
  • Too Many Japanese Movies: Kate sometimes thinks she's a real ninja. -1 to all attempts at being a ninja.


Kate Rosham was picked up by the Foundation while working for the Australian unit of the SAS. She was a self-taught martial artist through her childhood and teens, mimicing the movement of martial arts movies she devoured as a kid. Being a savant, she had almost mastered these by her mid-teens and fell into a street gang. After being arrested, she was offered community service and approached by the SAS. She was then more formally trained, however on a mission with an SCP, a foolish move on her part resulted in the death of a friend and to this day she hates guns being pointed at her or her allies in a threatening manner.

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