Agent Robert Steins

Name: Robert Steins

Position: Accident Claims and Investigation


I've got a feel for this: 8
Deft Senses: 7
Handicapable: 7



  • Cane of Pain — +1 to I've got a feel for this.


  • Tough Trenchcoat — +1 to Handicapable
  • Braille Playing Cards
  • Audio Dictation Device
  • Fedora


  • Compensation of Senses: Agent Stein has impeccable senses. On any sensory check(excepting visual, of course), Agent Steins receives a +2 to the roll when given time to operate under no stress.
  • Poker Face: Agent Stein, for whatever reason, is gifted with a poker hand, and his predicament provides a defense against bluffs counter bluffs. +2 to any poker roll.


  • Blind as a Bat: Steins is completely and utterly blind. Has been his whole life. Steins cannot make visual checks, and is otherwise disabled in any way a blind man would be.


Agent Robert Steins is good at his job. He's the man responsible for finding the mess, untangling the screwup, and pinning it on whatever or whoever is responsible. With several years of experience, and a reputation for efficiency, you'd think he was some kind of prodigy. Turns out he's just a blind son of a bitch with a knack for investigation. He hasn't let his lack of sight get in the way of his career, however, and in only a year after joining the Foundation, he had accumulated enough clout to form the Accident Claims and Investigation bureau. Finding out that meant cleaning up after the various spills and screw ups of the doctors and agents who populate Site 17, however, hasn't been quite as positive.

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