Agent Peters

Name: ████████ █ Peters
Position: Head of Engineering Department at Site ██


Stand Back, I'm an Engineer: 4
Improvised Weapons: 4 (+1)
Good With Machines: 4 (+1)
People Skills: 1



SCPs: None


  • Crowbar — +1 to Improvised Weapons


  • Multitool — +1 to Good With Machines
  • Laptop Computer
  • SCP Digital Assistant — When he doesn't have it, -1 to Good With Machines



  • Computer Junkie: If he looses access to his computer and digital assistant he becomes Stressed.
  • So Lonely: Always becomes Aroused when faced with the status effect.
  • Work You Goddamn Piece of Shit!: Becomes Enraged for 1d6 turns when failing two Good With Machines checks in a row.


Recruited by the Foundation after the events of [DATA EXPUNGED], Peters has helped design containment facilities for more than thirty SCPs, including an early version of SCP-682's enclosure. He would like to remind you that the committee found that he could not be held legally liable for that incident. Currently head of Engineering at Site ██. He can never remember anyone's name.

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