Agent Hawk

Name: Agent Hawk

Position: Level-3 Field Agent


Geophysical Sciences: 3
Demolitions: 5
Unarmed and Firearms Combat: 3
Sarcastic Retort: 1



  • None


  • Bag O' Bombs — Explosives, timers, and charges of various sizes and purposes. +1 to Demolitions


  • Geology and Meteorology kit — Contains scratch plate, small vial of HCl, small hammer, wind speed measurer, pH strips, and goggles +1 to Geophysical Sciences


  • None


  • Short: Agent Hawk is not very tall. She takes a -1 in any roll involving things up high or on high up shelves.
  • Work Ethic: Easily distracted by nice new things rather then boring procedures and paperwork. Likes to spend her time watching TV marathons and reading through webcomic archives rather then doing desk work.
  • Casual Friday: Very laid back attitude towards authority. Smooth talks her way through face to face encounters and will disregard what they say in favor of her own ideas once left to her own devices.


[RETACTED] (For the time being)

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