Agent Fork

Name: Agent Fork
Position: Field Agent/"Human Resources"


Markswoman: 5
Psionic Resistance Index: 3
Resilience: 2




  • M24 Sniper Rifle — +1 to Markswoman


  • Bulletproof Vest — +1 to Resilience



  • Look Out, Sir!: If a higher ranking member or a member that is considered mission critical takes damage, Agent Fork will put herself into danger and attempt to prevent damage to the targetted member by pushing them out of the way or taking the shot herself.
  • The Mission Comes First: Agent Fork has a singleminded dedication to making sure the mission succeeds. Agent Fork suffers a -1 penalty in any situation that forces her to deviate from the mission objective.
  • Terminate Terminate Terminate!: Agent Fork is a Foundation assassin, and makes no secret of this fact. She confers a -1 penalty in any rolls where she pools her dice with other team members. If anybody has an official termination order, Agent Fork must automatically attack that individual whenever possible.


Agent Fork is a former SWAT sniper that was recruited to the Foundation after a horrible incident with SCP-[EXPUNGED]. As a result, (or possibly the reason why she survived), Fork has an abnormally high Psionic Resistance Index which makes her useful against some of the more psychologically challenging SCPs. However, she didn't escape this event unscathed. Agent Fork has become utterly dedicated to the ideals of the Foundation, and is willing to carry them out at any cost. She abhors anybody who would work against the Foundation, and is fairly humorless, having trouble understanding how people could have a sense of humor in this line of work. Just… don't get between her and the mission. She's the type that likes to win, even if she has to kill the entire goddamn recovery team to do it.

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