Agent Foreman

Name: Cameron "C4" Foreman
Position: Field Agent, Demolitions Expert


Macguyver It!: 6

Pawns (You start with 0 pawns)




  • Glock 17 — +1 to BOOM in combat.


  • Explosives Kit — This kit gives Agent Foreman the ability to modify any explosive devices she uses to a +1 advantage, or create explosives out of various materials using Macguyver It! to a +1 advantage.



  • Long Fuse, High Explosives: It's notoriously hard to get Agent Foreman to overreact or lose her temper, but when she does, it's a SPECTACLE not to be missed. -1 to all rolls while in fury.
  • Miss You, Baby: Agent Foreman, although widowed for three years now, still acts like she's married. Sometimes this manifests in her awkward defensiveness against those flirting with her.
  • FBI Watchlist: The American Government doesn't like it when you have a hobby of making things that can level buildings in your garage for fun. -1 rolls with interaction with authority-type figures she doesn't know due to mild paranoia.


Cameron Foreman, age thirty-three. Married for seven years, widowed for four. No official record of arrests or problems, although an investigation regarding potential arson of an abandoned building via homemde explosives centered around her. Former member of the United States Special Forces, before meeting her husband in the forces. After a few years, they retired, decided to try and settle down. Not an easy job for any couple whose hobbies include building bombs out of scraps of things and sharpshooting. Unfortunately, their time together was cut short by an unfortunate traffic accident.

But, life goes on.

After re-enlisting into the Special Forces when she found herself unable to hold down a normal job herself (it wasn't that Bob's Fireworks Emporium wasn't great, but…) an encounter with [[DATA EXPUNGED]] led to her profile going under SCP Foundation submission, and she found herself drafted, briefed, and hired.

Perhaps never before has her nickname been so appropriate.

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