Agent Adams

Name: Agent Adams
Position: Field Agent


Combat (Guns and close quarters): 4
Sneak: 2
Macgyver: 2



  • HK416 assault rifle. Collapsible stock, red-dot sight, foregrip. Fires 6.8mm rounds. — +1 to Combat.


  • Really good combat boots, with aggressive treads that provide high grip to almost any surface. — +1 to RUN AWAY!.


  • Live to fight another day: When confronted with a hostile Keter SCP, or anything he sees as out of his league (aka Clef/Kondraki), Adams will get the fuck out of there.
  • PTSD: -1 to Combat if taken by surprise. Working for the Foundation is bound to give anyone a mild case of this.
  • SCP-569: Follows Adams around if it is within visual range. -1 to Sneak.


Agent Adams is unfortunate in being one of the few normal humans among this cast of freaks. Sure he has his quirks and is a good soldier, but he is no SCP! Adams was a rookie cop when he had been unlucky enough to get involved in an SCP capture (aka wrong place at the wrong time). Given the rare choice of employment as opposed to being shot on the spot, Adams accepted the job as a field agent. Originally intending to become a member of his PD's SWAT team, Agent Adams took well to the Foundation's training program and quickly became a promising new Agent.

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