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GM Announcements

At Bright's suggestion, I've created a place to log our half-completed campaigns. If you are in one, or are GM'ing one, please feel free to update and change anything I've written that may not be true, or that I may have omitted. Also, make sure to add new campaigns as they start.
Dr. Light. 16 June 2009

Signing up begins for team building exercise. Available times for people signing up over the next week or two should be posted here Teambuilding signup as well as your preferred antagonist/allie. No guarentee that's who you'll get. If you're willing to be dumped into the woods more then once please say so, so I can reuse you for more humor. also sign up here team perks suggestions if you want
Sign up now! GO GO GO
LBD 13 june 2009

My apologies for jumping away so quickly. Issues in my life are keeping me away from #fieldwork administration, and I do not have time to run the game. The other GMs are more than able to run the game without me, but I expect to be able to return to the game sometime next month.
Best of luck,
Fifth. 08 June 2009.

Register your nicks on IRC so I can VOP you!
-Fifth, 28 May 2009

My guaranteed most likely active hours should be from 2100 to 2400 PST (GMT+8). I will try to run games on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
-Fifth, 26 May 2009

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